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we have licensed oven technicians for your electric oven repairs geelong, little river, indented head, barwon heads and lorne. Ask us for oven door repairs and electric cooktop repairs

Oven Repair Services Geelong To Lorne

Finding your oven or cooker has suddenly stopped working is inconvenient to say the least. Whether you need a new set of Blanco oven hinges, a new timer or an oven element needs replacing, our mobile vans have you covered. Read why people like our services.

Not sure whether or not to repair or replace a broken oven, cooktop or rangehood? Don’t worry, we can help you decide. We’ll asses your oven and find what the issue is. We always give you repair options, including if the repair going to cost more than the value of the oven… If you’ve had your oven for a long time, chances are you have some heating troubles with your oven and may need an appliance repair.

We are the #1 leading provider of fully qualified & insured oven technicians who can assess your oven and complete oven repair services.

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We offer oven door repairs, oven glass replacement, and oven seal repairs for all your electric cooktop, stove and oven services. We are your local experts for oven repairs near me

Oven Door Hinge Repair and Replacement

What happens when the door won’t close properly, hangs unevenly or won’t stay closed? If the oven door hinges don’t close the door tightly, hot air escapes, making the inside temperature much lower. This in turn affects cooking times. This is most likely because of a damaged or bent hinge. 

We highly recommend that oven door hinges are replaced by a skilled professional. While ovens generally have 2 hinges, how they are replaced depends on their configuration.  If oven door hinges are not correctly installed, the glass can shatter, or the hinges are forced to bend. We use brand name parts for optimal quality and performance.

We strongly recommend using original manufacturers spare parts. Cheap spare parts work are not the solution

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we offer westinghouse oven repairs around Geelong, Clifton Springs, Queenscliff, Torquay, Anglesea & Lorne

Electric Cooktop Repairs Services

Is your ignitor clicking but not lighting? If yours is an electric cooktop, have you tried jiggling the element gently in case it’s not fully plugged in? The element may not be fully plugged in.

Cooktop stove issues can range from loose or worn connections, malfunctioning timers, uneven heat areas- or burning on one side, failed switches, faulty burner receptacles, or a burned out control panel fuse. Let our qualified repairmen fix them with our oven repair services .

Always Check The Power Supply Is Switched on and Plugged In

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we offer ilve oven repairs. Looking for professional oven hinge repairs geelong or oven door repairs? We can fix your oven today with our oven repairman for your same day oven repair service

New Cooktop Or Oven Installations

Buying a brand new oven, upright cooker or induction stove top is exciting! A new oven that heats evenly to the correct temperatures makes life in the kitchen pleasant! 

Before you buy your new Smeg, CHEF or Meile oven, check the dimensions to make sure it fits into the current cavity. Do you need a cabinet maker to make adjustments? Our oven technician can install your new oven in just a few hours

Make Sure The New Oven Fits The Existing Space!

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westinghouse oven seal replacement. Our oven repair man can replace your faulty oven seal for Fisher & Paykel oven repairs geelong, connewarre, barwon heads, ocean grove

Oven Door Seal Repairs

Suddenly the kitchen seems warmer than usual and you can feel a stream of hot air… Oven door hinges are working correctly? Check. Then the next area your oven is losing heat is through faulty oven door seals. Over time seals degrade and let hot air escape.

A broken or damaged oven door seal will cause several issues. You may experience uneven cooking results, poor energy efficiency, inconsistent temperature levels, or damage to the knobs & controls. Worse still, the surrounding kitchen cabinets may be scorched or burned! All leading to more expensive to repairs.

And no, you can't use super glue, silicone or universal seals to try and fix the broken seal.

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rangehood repairs geelong, little river, corio

Rangehood Installation & Repair

Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning and smelling stale cooking smells from last nights meal. Or maybe the exhaust fan on your range hood has suddenly stopped working?

Whether you have a canopy, or pull out range hood needing installing, our technicians have the skill and expertise to get your new rangehood in place. We can assess your current rangehood and advise you if it’s worth fixing and give you a price competitive quote. Not sure what type of range hood is the most effective model for your kitchen- save yourself the uncertainty and ask us

All installations are done in accordance with Australian Standards. Read About Us here

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We Now Stock MIDEA Ovens, Cooktops, Dishwashers and Range Hoods!

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baumatic oven repair. the oven man geelong for baumatic oven repairs little river, lorne, anglesea, geelong and bannockburn, queenscliff

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bosch oven repair service geelong for electric oven repairs near me

Oven Repair

blanco oven repairs geelong and North Geelong

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chef oven repairs for the areas of Geelong, Hamlyn Heights, bell park, Torquay, anglesea and Aireys Inlet, Big Hill, Eastern View, Fairhaven, Moggs Creek

Oven Repair

call us for euromaid oven repair man geelong for euromaid oven repairs near me

Oven Repair

chat with us today for your fisher & paykel oven repair geelong as well as for your Oven Installation Geelong

Oven Repair

ilve oven repairs geelong, Inverleigh, Wingeel, Teesdale, Bannockburn, Gheringhap

Oven Repair

la germania oven repairs geelong. call us for same day cheap oven service

Oven Repair

lofra oven repair geelong, we are the #1 oven repair guys locally

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omega oven repairs geelong electrical appliance repair services

Oven Repair

smeg oven repairs geelong

Oven Repair

st george oven repairs geelong. Call us for excellence in service

St George
Oven Repair

technika oven repairs geelong

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westinhouse oven repair geelong. We are the #1 oven man geelong for all oven appliance repairs and installations

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